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Our truffle cakes are perfect for any event, and are made out of stacked truffles that are stuck to a parchment paper covered cake tier, and can be easily removed and enjoyed. Please reaad the details below for more information on the sizing of our cakes. Once purchased we will contact you via email to setup a delivery time. If you have any questions about our cakes, please conact us via

Truffle Cakes

  • Pricing is based on how many truffles purchased, please read the indication below. We offer four tiers total, and you can purchase many of different or similar sizes, or singles of one size:

    • Small: 6"x4": 64 truffles at $2.10 per truffle = $134
    • Medium: 8"x4": 80 truffles at $2.10 per truffle = $168
    • Large: 10"x4": 96 truffles at $2.10 per truffle = $202
    • Extra Large: 12"x4": 112 truffles at $2.10 per truffle= $235

    Once purchased, we will reachout directly via email, and if you have any questions please contatc us via

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