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The Sweet

We design gourmet truffles and candy for events, and corporate gifts. Our products are made of organic chocolate, imported from family-owned farms in the Ghana, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The chocolate is stone ground using Molinos, and the minimal processing preserves its rich, bold flavors.

Similarly, we support our local farms in North Carolina by purchasing eggs, preserves and butter, which is key for the ganache filled center of the truffles. Not only do we deliver locally, but also ship our show-stopping treats nationwide. Chocolate is our passion, and we create an unrivaled dessert experience. We invite you to give a unique gift to a unique person in your life, because they deserve it.


Our Journey

Once upon a time, we developed a recipe that captivated our audience. Our cookies and cream truffle, the first of our line, debuted at a holiday event, and was loved by so many that some guests claimed they ate three or four pieces throughout the night.

Since then, we've expanded our line to include more flavors, seasonal options, and chose a unique chocolate with a story unlike any other. Our truffles are so much more than a dessert, they are a showstopper, and will make any moment that much better. We love to celebrate, and can guarantee that our collection will be the talk of the night.

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