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Choose one box of truffles, and pick any two flavors you'd like. You will recieve five truffles of each flavor. 


The lifespan of our product is three weeks in the refrigerator, and six weeks in the freezer. In our personal opinion, they taste better at colder temperatures, and they do not harden in the freezer, but are just firmer and still enjoyable. Our product is made to order, and we have a turnaround time of 1-2 days and 1-4 days to ship, however with our free local delivery service, you can expect your order within two days. Also, with local delivery, the order comes with a protective bag, wrapped with ribbon and filled with themed roses. If you do need an order sooner, please contact us directly.


In addition, we do provide an option to custom brand orders, which would include wrappings in company colors and a card with your logo on it, take a look at our blog that explains this service here. Give a unique gift to a unique person in your life, because they deserve it.

2 Truffle Flavor Box

  • Important Information

    Warning: Contains allergens (nuts, tree nuts), lasts three weeks from time of delivery.

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