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What makes our organic chocolate unique?

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Direct Trade: Our chocolate is farm to factory, coming directly from our manufacturers, to us. Our vendor is a group of chocolate pioneers that have created an industry changing program called direct trade, going far beyond what fair trade and commercial companies practice. When eating the direct trade chocolate in our truffles, you are experiencing a treat that is sans predatory middle men, abusive labor practices and environmental harm. See our menu here. The family owned farms our vendor buys from, create a quality product and have a transparent process, a respect for their trade and make well above the right amount of money for their product.

Minimal Processing: To let the bold and unique flavors of the chocolate show through, our vendor uses mulinos to stone grind their chocolate. Manufacturing from bean to bar with no chemicals or added sugars, gives the chocolate a rustic, gritty and 100% authentic taste.

Personal Connection: Sincerity and trust are key in our business, we have a relationship with our vendor, and they have strong, personal connections to the small businesses they purchase cocoa from. In fact, they were the first US based company to purchase premium cocoa from Haiti. Transparency is at the forefront for our vendor, and to ensure that, they publish a yearly transparency report for anyone to read. Please take a look here.

We make sure that our customers experience a premium and gourmet product, which is why we use only the best ingredients we find. Therefore, we ensure that the organic chocolate we use not only tastes good, but is good for all parties involved. Ultimately, we like to work with companies that love what they do, as much as we love what we do. Please click here to see our list of flavors.

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