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Paige Truffles Personalization

Gift a unique experience to a special person in your life, and get it custom branded. We believe in creating unique desserts for our customers, and aside from the written card, we provide a few options to further personalize your delivery. With people working mainly from home, and many gifts being shipped to customers, you want to make the experience as meaningful as possible. So, when it comes to corporate gifting, we will custom brand your shipment with a card that features your logo, and gift wrapping that includes your company colors. We still include the handwritten card, as a continuous personal touch.

Pictured is a personalized box for a company called PFES, their colors are navy blue and orange, with a holiday themed card that is foil stamped with their logo. The packaging for The Planet Group was also designed with a similar theme, and followed the coloring of silver and blue. These packages will be wrapped, shipped, and arrive to the customer ready to enjoy. Our passion is creating culinary works of art that will be memorable and enjoyable, and show the recipient that you value their impact and presence in your life.

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