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Chocolate for a Chocolate Skeptic

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

To be frank, I have never been a fan of the semi-sweet candy, known as chocolate. Something about the richness and intensity, which I can only describe as an overbearing bomb of flavor, I can’t take more than a bite of. Call me crazy, but becoming a chocolatier, and sampling cocoa from around the world was not my idea of a career. Ideally, I would’ve been a doctor, but that dream was ousted due to a fear of blood.

Yet in a fated twist, I created a chocolate truffle, and it has become a favorite amongst chocolate skeptics like myself. It started with a simple idea, that became a recipe, which led to a dessert for friends and family, and has grown into multiple flavors and a gourmet brand. I never would have thought it possible, but the chocolate skeptic became a chocolate expert, selling truffles that are sought after around the country, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything different.

I suppose it was my passion for design, my love for branding, and a desire to sell something, that was greater than a deep seated hesitancy for all things chocolate. But I count myself as lucky, because how many people can say that they’ve found their passion? That they wake up every morning, loving what they do? It makes me laugh because the sweet I could never stand to eat, is what makes me happiest.

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